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Automatic Backups

CodeGuard will backup your website files and database every day – automatically.

Website Monitoring

CodeGuard monitors your site for changes or malware and alerts you of any issues.

One Click Restore

Have a problem with your site? Restore it back to working order in a single click!

All of our CodeGuard Backup plans include full backup, restore, and monitoring features, including:

  • Zip file downloads
  • Initial Backup Tracking
  • MySQL Direct / SSH
  • Full Website Restore
  • Daily Backup Tracking
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Individual File Restore
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Test Restore
  • IP Logging
  • Daily Site-Change Monitoring
  • MalwareGone™ Scanning
  • WordPress Plugin Updates
  • ChangeAlert Notifications
  • Knowledgebase
  • ChangeAlert iOS App
  • Customized Subdomains
  • Email Support
  • Custom Notification Filtering
  • Role Assignment
  • Phone Support

Your One-Stop Solution for Website Protection
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