Keep Linux kernels live-patched and running without rebooting

KernelCare, the world’s finest defender of Linux kernels, puts an end to rebooting servers. When you don’t have to reboot, you aren’t hampered by the patch delays created by reboot cycles. KernelCare eliminates the need for staying up at night to deliver patch updates or coordinating downtime with your business units and various IT departments and locations. We ensure that every single security patch is applied right way, keeping you secure and compliant.

Cost Effective

Free up your IT team to focus on more strategic initiatives instead of patching kernels and doing server maintenance.

Easy, Rebootless installation

Avoid having to coordinate server reboots with your system users and customers.

Up to date

Supports automatic updates or managed updates in a live environment or in your desired staging environment


Ensure maximum security with the prompt installation of security patches and updates; the agent checks for patches every four hours

Live Vulnerability Patching for Linux Servers and Devices
At Just ₹ / month