Main Features

Cutting-edge technologies and advanced security come together in a best-of-breed solution.


Reliable support for new technologies before anyone else

SSL Handshake Offloading

Offloading to avoid clogging server main event loop

ZeroConf Cluster

ZeroConfig API and cPanel integration reduces complexity

Scalability for High Traffic

SO_REUSEPORT support improves multi-worker scalability

HTTPS / TLSv1.3 Certificate

Certificate compression, reduced handshake exchange data size

HTTP/3 and QUIC Security

Intelligent anti-DDoS protection for attacks targeting QUIC UDP port

Server-level reCAPTCHA

Defends against Layer-7 DDoS attacks of any size

Smart Botnet Detection

Intelligent Botnet detection and blocking through firewall

Brotli Compression

Support for lossless dynamic Brotli compression

WordPress Protection

Built-in protection from WordPress brute force attacks

Flexible Load Balancing

Highly configurable, multiple algorithms. Round Robin, etc.

LSCache Engine with ESI

Advanced server-level cache with hole-punching through ESI

High Availability IP Failover

Reliable access to all data, even if a server goes down

Cross Data Center Replication

Provides real-time, asynchronous replication across data centers

Web App Acceleration

Best customizable acceleration for WordPress, Magento, and more

Layer 7 Anti-DDoS Filtering

Vigilantly detects and thwarts attacks in progress

Fits Easily into Your Existing Infrastructure and Increases Performance
Starting At Just ₹ / month