Multiple Domains

Manage multiple domains from a single account


Configure an email address to forward copies of incoming emails to another address.

Email Routing

Configure how the system routes a domain’s incoming mail.

Auto Responders

Configure automatic email response messages.

Mailing Lists

Use a single address to send mail to multiple email addresses.

Track Delivery

Displays reports about email message delivery attempts from your account.

Email Filters

Filter the email for each email account in your domain.

Address Importer

Create multiple email addresses or forwarders for your account simultaneously.

Spam Filters

Configure the spam filter settings (powered by Apache SpamAssassin™) for your account.

Calendars & Contacts

Share Calendars with teammates for smooth and easy scheduling


Get Access to your email account with our webmail without downloading any software in your devices

POP3 & IMAP Access

Access your inbox in email clients of your choice using the IMAP/POP protocols

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